Wine & Business Essentials [with partners KEDGE and ISVV]


VAN LEEUWEN Cornelis (Kees)

Professor of viticulture

LYTRA Georgia

Ph.D., Ass. Prof. of Enology


Ph.D., Ass. Prof. of Viticulture

BARBE Jean-Christophe

Professor of Enology


Kedge Business School, 680 Cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence


Bordeaux Sciences Agro, in partnership with Kedge and ISVV, offer an Executive Certificate, 5 days of face-to-face learning, to understand the essentials of wine business, from the vineyard to the market.

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  • Understand wine essentials from the vineyard to the market.
  • Understand how viticultural and winemaking conditions and practices impact wine style
  • Discuss wine quality markers
  • Learn how to taste accurately and to pair food and wines
  • Develop a global view of the market place, the major wine markets and their specificities
  • Understand how to best enter the major export markets and to develop a successful ex-port strategy
  • Examine and discuss major wine marketing tools & wine marketing strategies


  • Wine company managers/directors
  • Wine producers
  • Wine buyers
  • Export managers
  • Sales managers


With Bordeaux Sciences Agro

  • Soil and climate as terroir factors
  • Viticultural management
  • Wine making
  • Fermentation process
  • Aromatic quality markers
  • Wine and wood

Wine Business and Wine Marketing


  • Wine and food pairing
  • Overview of the major wine markets:
    • France and Germany
    • UK and USA
    • Scandinavia
  • Export strategy
  • Wine marketing essentials

Methode and pedagogy

  • Each unit will include tastings
  • Assessment: MCQ + Open questions + Tasting