Master of Science in Vineyard & Winery Management




Professor of Viticulture

MARTINS Guilherme

Research Engineer


The course is designed to provide knowledge and training needed to manage a wine company or a wine estate in an international context. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of specific interest areas including vineyard and winery management, wine industry branch organization and business management.

Graduates of this Master will be able to:

  • Apply scientific, economic and business principles to manage a wine estate or a wine company
  • Manage the whole winemaking process (vinification, conservation, aging and bottling of wine)
  • Manage the entire Grape producing process (vineyard establishment and management, harvest labor, etc.)
  • Understand wine quality and style by studying sensory wine analysis
  • Plan, control and assure product and process quality in accordance with wine quality principles
  • Understanding accounting documents taking into account the specific nature of the wine business
  • Measure the economic performance of a winery and define and implement a business plan.
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The program is spread over a two-year period: Four-semesters (30 ECTS/semester).

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The program is spread over a two-year period (4 semesters).

The course comprises:

  • Global Wine Regions & Industry,
  • Seasonal Vineyard Practices & Management,
  • Enology and Winery Technology,
  • Wine Estate Evaluation – Cost and Profitability,
  • Technical Evaluation,
  • Vineyard and Winery,
  • World Viticulture Analysis,
  • Strategic Marketing,
  • Vine & Wine Law and Regulation,
  • Locations and Cimate,
  • Fermentation and Sensory Analysis
  • Business Planning.

French language courses will be taught throughout the two year period, in order to allow non-French speakers to attain a sufficient level to function as students.

A part of the program will take place at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. A global professional network will allow students to do their internship and master thesis work abroad in different wine-producing countries.

This Master’s degree opens doors to many career paths in managerial positions.

It offers a huge range of majors, including:

  • Director of Wine Estate & Wine Companies,
  • Consultant in Viticulture and Enology,
  • Cellar Manager,
  • R & D manager in the Enological Equipment Industry,
  • Market & Trade Consultant.


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