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Semesters start in September & finish by the end of January.

Here, you can find information on the available courses if your are planning to spend a semester as an exchange student..

Semester 7 is divided into eight sections & the duration of each section is between one to three weeks. For each of these sections, the student may choose which one of the available courses that they decide to take. Some of the courses are in French, others are in English & the grading of the Semester is through continuous assessment.

This semester offers the widest selection of courses in English. French as a foreign language is also available for English speaking students.

Title Duration ECTS

Section 1 (Three weeks)

Agriculture & Global Change (in English) 59h 3
How to Measure Diversity in Agricultural Environments 77h 3
Agriculture & International Relations 54h 3

Section 2 (One week)

Reproduction 2.0 (in English) 23h 2
Geographic Information System & Spatial Data Analysis 19,5h 2
Business Economics 23h 2

Section 3 (Two Weeks)

Quality of Plants with Health value (in English) 36h 3
Energy & Agriculture: watt else? 42h 3
Marketing applied to the Environment & Organic Food 42h 3

Section 4 (Two weeks)

Food Control & Food Metagenomics 40h 3
Agriculture & Water Management (in English) 68h 3
Sensory Analysis: Project Work Planning & Data Analysis 50h 3
Geopolitics within Europe 35h 3

Section 5 (One week)

Digital Breeding 23,5h 2
Knowledge Economy 23h 2
Geographic Information System & Spatial Data Analysis 18,5h 2
Sensory Analysis of Wood 25h 2

Section 6 (Three weeks)

Organic Farming (in English) 59h 3
Event Communication: The Vin’Ecole Exhibition 75h 3
Data Driven Agriculture 68h 3
Sustainable Innovation 63h 3

Section 7 (Three weeks)

Food Microbiology & Food Safety 63h 3
Food Supplements: Safety, Efficiency & Innovation 54h 3
Agroecologic Transition: Evaluations & Supports 63h 3
Health Ecology 72h 3

Section 8 (Three weeks)

Geopolitics 72h 3
Meat Industry: Upstream to Downstream 75h 3
Worldwide Agriculture (in English) 60h 3
Agroforestery: Theory to Practice 69h 3

Total of ECTS with the Sections

English 42,5h 3
Sports 26h 1
Independant Science & Policy Research (For International Students only) 4

Total of ECTS


The semester 9 gives a choice of “Options”, where all the courses are mandatory.

This semester is the most advanced one in terms of knowledge. You can get more informations here: description, curriculum, career prospects & testimony…

All the courses of the semester 9 are in French only.

Title Duration ECTS
Logistics and Wood Supply Chain 93h 4
Engineering Sciences, Geomatic and Remote Sensing 58h 2
Sustainable Management 59h 3
Industrial Ecology 48h 2,5
Circular Economy 24h 1
Governance in Forestry 43h 2
Individual & Group Projects 171h 7
Fields Trips 92h 5
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Corporation Management & Strategy (MEA-1) 193h 7
Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEA-2) 93h 4
Marketing & Commercial Performances (MEA-3) 121h 6
Projects (MEA-4) 154h 9
Presentation & Evaluation 15h 0
Professional Project
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Environmental & Natural Resources Management 98h 5
Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Actors 131h 6
Spatial Analysis & Remote Sensing 108h 5
Job Preparation – Improvement of written & oral skills 61h 2
Project 173h 8
English 40h 2
Sports 40h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Introduction to Agroecology 69,5h 3
Sustainable Water & Nutrients Management 89h 3
Plant Health Management 81h 2
Farming system design 76h 3
Agricultural Transition & Extension 46h 2
Statistcs For Agronomy 81h 2
Management Skills 41h 3
Project Management 6 weeks 6
English 40h 2
Sports 40h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Toolbox 57h 8
Controversies 81h 2
Science and Technology in Animal Production 100h 3
Livestock Sector 35h 1
Add-on Modules (targeted on animal production) 12h /
Professional Work Experience 200h 12
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Toolbox (QRSE-1) 57h 8
Quality Management System (QRSE-2) 52,5h 4
Food Safety Management Systems (QRSE-3) 56h 3
Environmental Management Systems (QRSE-4) 42h 2
Social Corporate Responsability (QRSE-5) 63h 2
Evaluation & Monitoring of Management Systems (QRSE-6) 70h 2
Practical Applications in Food Companies (QRSE-7) 175h 5
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Toolbox 57h 8
Technological Properties of Food Ingredients (ANS-1) 42h 0
Innovation in Human Food Nutrition (ANS-2) 165h 6
Marketing & Purchase (ANS-3) 54h 4
Community Management(ANS-4) 62h 3
Add-on Modules(ANS-5) 21h 0
Professional Project (ANS-6) 160h 5
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1
Title Duration ECTS
Improve the working methods & the communication of the agronomist of the territory 86 4
Agricultures & Territories 127 5
To build a project for sustainable territorial development 109 5
Project APTER 1 140 6
Project APTER 2 140 6
English 32h 2
Sports 32h 1

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