You will complete your enrolment at the ‘Direction des Etudes’ office (the Department of Academic Studies) when you arrive. You will then be provided with your student ID card (Aquipass card), enrolment certificate and Numerical working environment (ENT) access codes.

The Aquipass card will allow you to use the many services on offer:  getting access to the students residence, checking out books at the library, eating at the University restaurants, paying at Crous laundromat, make certain purchase, as well as reduction in cinema and other.


This is where you can do your research and study!
Books and journals may be consulted in the library or borrowed. There is also a wealth of on-line resources (journals, databases, etc.) available.

The Bordeaux Sciences Agro Library has nearly 30,000 books in relation to the courses offered at BSA: economics, agriculture, environment, science, animal production, crop production, food processing, forestry, viticulture, oenology, computing and information technology, foreign languages, etc. It also subscribes to more than 230 journals.


  • Reading Room
  • Internet-connected computers
  • 6 Small work rooms for 6 people (available outside the library opening hours by booking them on the Numerical Working Environment -ENT-)
  • 2 large work rooms for 15 people
  • Free access to copiers and printers (you can recharge your account here)

Operational hours

Monday to Friday: 8:15 am – 7 pm except:

  • Mondays: opening at 9 am and
  • Fridays: closed from 12:15 pm to 1 pm

University restaurants are located throughout our campuses and in the city center. They offer healthy, balanced meals for only €3.30.

You can download the app Crous Mobile, which can provide you with information about where and when to eat every day, and many other, like housing…

The closest University Restaurant is located in the Espace Multi-Service, a 3 500m2 brand new building located right behind the Bordeaux Sciences Agro Campus. It is also housing concerts, practice rooms for dance, theatre and music and many other things. You should have a look for yourself!

izlycard The Aquipass cards have an integrated Izly electronic card system.
This may be used in the University cafeterias and restaurants, avoiding the need to pay in cash.

How do you validate the Izly card?
Online right here!

To login to for the first time, use your university e-mail address given to you by the ‘Direction des Études’ office (Department of Academic Studies) when you arrived.

How do you top up the Izly card?
To Load, Reload, Unload or Contest a transaction, use a computer, smartphone or a tablet to log on to
With the Izly card, you can use your phone to pay at the CROUS restaurants in any city in France.

Where can you use Izly?
You can use your Izly card:

  • at university restaurants in the CROUS network;
  • for other services such as photocopiers, vending machines, laundry, etc.;
  • at the online ordering sites of CROUS and other Higher Education institutions.

Museums, Concerts, Theatre, Cinema, Sports, Leisures… the Carte Jeune Métropole offers many discounts for students from 18 to 25, in Cinemas as well as exhibitions, rugby & football matches!

You can apply for the digital card and check out the different partners on the following website:

You will need to provide a scan of the following documents:

– A proof of address
– Your identity card or passeport

You will prompty receive an email with the electronic version of the card.

You can order fresh and local products such as fruits, vegetable, dairy, meat, fish and many other on the Drive Fermier. All you need to do is create an account.

You can get fresh groceries every week by ordering before midnight on Wednesday (don’t forget to select Bordeaux Sciences Agro as a delivery place!). Your items will then be delivered on the following Friday, and you will be able to collect them between 1:30PM and 6PM. The best seller is the “Panier de Légumes” (Vegetable Basket), which offers a great selection of seasonal vegetables for 12€.

Bordeaux being one of France’s major cities, many international and French artists are giving gigs & concerts during the whole year. Many concerts hall are present on Bordeaux, each offering different styles and budgets. The biggest one is the Arkea Arena, but many other exist, such as the Krakatoa, Darwin, Le Rocher de Palmer, the National Opera of Bordeaux …

The Student Desk (Bureau des Elèves) also organizes one concert during the year: don’t miss it!

Bordeaux has twelve museums, including: Fine arts, Contemporary arts, Decorative arts & Design, Natural History, Archeology, Ethnography and Regional History. These are free every first Sunday of every month. The museums of Cité du Vin (Wine City) and Wine Trading, Cap Sciences, etc. – while not free on the first Sunday of the month – are also worth the trip.