As exchange students, you may earn ECTS credits in our institution and validate them at your home university to go towards your degree. No tuition fees are to be paid to Bordeaux Sciences Agro.
Nominated students must then complete our “foreign students online application form” before June 1st, and send their application package to Bordeaux Sciences Agro’s International Office. Please remember that exchange students will remain registered at the home university and will thus pay tuition fees there. The ECTS credits obtained at Bordeaux Sciences Agro will be recognized by the home university at the end of the stay.


Admission criteria

  • Nomination by a partner institution
  • French proficiency certificate (almost all of our courses are offered in French only)
  • Academic programme validated by both institutions (please select all units in the same semester (S5 to S9) in order to ensure schedule compatibility)

Bordeaux Sciences Agro’s course catalogue is available online.
International students can also benefit from Bordeaux Sciences Agro’s business network for internships in companies or research laboratories.
Application Deadline: 1st of June

Concerning other administrative formalities

Immigration procedures
A VISA is only required for non-European students. Before moving to France, you need to apply directly to the French Consulate in your current country of study for a student, long-stay Visa, type D.
Bordeaux Sciences Agro will provide you with an acceptance once your project is confirmed.

Accommodation reservation
You can apply for accommodation on the Bordeaux Sciences Agro campus. Bordeaux Sciences Agro has rooms (12m²) and small studios (18 m²).

International Relations Office

Tel : +33 (0)5 57 35 07 18