We have many student associations, so you can be fully committed and active in your role as a student! There are associations related to culture, sports, humanitarian causes, as well as to your field of study. The available activities are varied and will help your integration process and allow you to discover new passions and talents!

Bureau des élèves

The student office that organizes events all year long

Association Sportive

THE club to be part of, especially once you’ve discovered French cuisine

Ingénieurs Sans Frontières (ISF)

Engineers without borders

Harambe’s Games

One board game to rule them all

Bar Agro

Good company, beers and snacks


The club in charge of Fridays night fever…

Gala Bordeaux Sciences Agro

Gala Ball Organizers

Club Bacchus

Wine tasting club

Association Papilles

Culinary events

Bureau des Arts

Promoting culture, and not just agriculture

Bordeaux Sciences Impro

Improv club


Movies projected in the amphitheatre


Handiwork club


Vegetable garden

Club Moutons

Carers for the sheep flock on the campus


Senior Club


Gap year association