USC 1219 INRA, EA 4577


Wine quality and identity:
Wine chemistry, aroma, sensory analysis, perceptive interactions, wines consumers, experimental auction, land economics, marketing
Microorganisms : diversity, metabolisms and selection
Microbial ecology at the community and species scale, yeast, genetic diversity, fermentations


At Bordeaux Sciences Agro, six researchers belong to the Enology research unit. The aim of the wine quality and identity axis is to carry out activities designed to characterize, preserve and enhance the organoleptic component of wine. This work involves advancing knowledge of the molecular determinants associated with their perception, understanding the modalities and parameters of the creation of sensory images associated with the quality and identity of wines, and the physicochemical, biochemical and microbiological processes that contribute to them, from their formation in the fruit to vinification and aging. A research theme concerning business strategies and their ability to adapt to changes in the economic environment, innovation strategies and changes in consumer behavior is also developed.

The microorganisms: diversity, metabolism and selection axis is developing work to decipher the diversity of species of oenological interest, to identify microbial interactions to better understand the evolution of microbial communities and to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in the adaptation of strains to the environment. The final objectives of the research works are to better manage fermentations by controlling the spoilage microorganisms, to select strains of interest and to contribute to the development of the Oenological Biology Resource Center.

Members of Bordeaux Sciences Agro