Géoressources et Environnement

EA 4592


Analyse spatiale des pollutions et contaminations des sols par les éléments traces.


A lecturer and two engineers from Bordeaux Sciences Agro participate in the research group “Polluted Sites and Soils” whose objective is the study of transfer mechanisms of water, pollutants and matter within complex geological systems. The goal is to use the understanding of fluxes and geochemistry in heterogeneous geological environments, in order to  find out a better treatment of pollution. In partnership with the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe, the scientific theme is the design and the monitoring of natural and/or experimental pilot sites to observe and characterize the environment. A couple of working scales are used in the field and in the modeling process : closed reactors and laboratory columns, metric-scaled pilots, aquifer pilots and pilot sites. The research subjects focus on (1) the reactive transport of metallic and organic substances and (2) the development of geophysical methods for the characterization of these environments. Specific research is also performed on diffuse contaminations in soils by trace metals using spatial analysis methods at various scales, from agricultural parcels to watershed territories.

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