International Wine Business Management




Wine Business Educator


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Introduction to the principles of international wine business management including : global overview, principal tools and key to success.


Students, winemakers, vineyard managers, wine technicians, sellers in the wine sector.


Day 1 – Introduction
– General presentation
– Introduction to Wine Business Strategy
– Domestic vs Exports? A matter of balance.
– Optimizing Business Profits and Minimizing Investments
– Building a realistic business Export plan

Day 2
Morning – getting exports ready : first steps
– International Wine business Logistics & Shipping
– Payment options
– Risk Management
Afternoon : cultural management and communication
– Exports = Doing business with different people, different countries, different cultures, different communication skills
– Cultural analysis : Introduction to Hofstede Tools
– Stereotypes, mistakes, conflict management
Day 3
Morning: export team management
– Hiring the right people
– Motivating and managing the export team
– Salary and Incentive Strategy
– Managing External Agents and Employees Based Abroad
Afternoon: international wine distribution overview
– Interesting figures about Global Wine Business
– The USA Wine Market: The most competitive market in the world!
– The Bordeaux Wine Business Model: is it good for everyone?
– The Mutation of the Chinese Wine Market
– The New “Emerging” Markets: Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Africa
Day 4 – All Day : practical cases and training by groups
– Preparing, handling and shipping a purchase order for different countries: air shipping, sea shipping, dealing with insurance companies and payments issues.
– Proposing a comprehensive exports strategy to a wine company (grower, wine merchant, cooperative…)
– Creating and managing and export team : choosing the right candidates, building an effective organizational structure and incentive plan.
– Prospecting and managing an international distribution network: step by step process.
– Managing intercultural relationships and conflicts


Daniel MENACHO, Wine Business Educator

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