Forestry Management and Wood Supply Logistics

Train a generation of engineers able to meet future challenges in the forestry-lumber industry against a backdrop of global change


Against a backdrop of global change (climate change, societal change, economic change), the aim is to train new generations of ‘industry’ engineers in the biotechnical skills covering all areas of forestry, able to meet the challenges of development, innovation and industrialisation in an evolving forestry-lumber industry. We offer a truly integrated approach to forestry, based as much on understanding how natural and industrial ecosystems in the forestry-lumber sector function ecologically as on understanding the socioeconomic and cultural functions fulfilled by forests.

The specialisation is part of a complete and excellent educational package in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (Forest-Lumber Training Platform) for professions in the forest-lumber industry, covering all specialities in agrotechniques, material sciences and the human and social sciences, ranging from forest ecology to construction lumber engineering and architecture.